Launch of new IP67 box from nVent SCHROFF

The IP-Pro Alu EMC line provides high protection even in the most severe environments.

This new robust cast aluminium housing has been specifically designed to protect more sensitive electronics that require protection up to IP67, resistant to vibrations/shock and electromagnetic shielding.

It is therefore particularly suitable for applications in rail and transport, telecommunications, testing and measurement and for applications in the industrial IoT segment. It can be mounted on buildings, masts or vehicles.

The complete range is available in various sizes from 90x122x122 mm to 180x600x310 mm, compatible with standard or customized electronic boards. Using aluminium, these boxes guarantee reliability in dissipating heat through conduction. As an example, a 90x160x160 mm case can dissipate 15 W (equivalent to an Intel® i7 processor), ensuring that the equipment works safely at an ambient temperature of 40 ° C.

In case of tighter requirements, SCHROFF can develop customized solutions guaranteeing the same IP protection. In the SCHROFF laboratory, the prototypes were initially tested with thermal simulations. The standard box is validated for a temperature range between -40°C and +90°C, and it is possible to increase this capacity by applying a special coating.

The integrated EMC shielding protects the electronics from interferences. Tests carried out confirm shielding for frequencies between 30 MHz and 4 GHz. With regards to shocks and vibrations, resistance to impacts is guaranteed up to IK09 (IEC 62262). Corrosion resistance according to levels A and B (EN 62208 / and 2).

IP-Pro Alu EMC housings have only 4 screws, so they are very easy to open and close. SCHROFF provides customized modifications such as cut-outs, openings or painting/coating tailored to the customer’s needs. There are also several options for mounting hinges, integrated PCBs and accommodating connecting cables.

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