OKW responds to the growing demand for enclosures for touch screens

OKW, a leading manufacturer of enclosures and illuminated control buttons for electronics, is experiencing an increased demand for its touch screen enclosure versions: SMARTPANEL for wall mounting, portable SLIM-CASE, PROTEC for control centers, and multifunctional INTERFACE-TERMINAL.

Together, these four versions cover a wide range of applications, including IIoT/IoT, Industry 4.0, smart factory, measurement and control, medical and laboratory technology, offices, gateways, automation, data and wireless communications system engineering.

The new SMART-PANEL enclosure accommodates edge-to-edge touch screens for building services, electrical installations, smart homes, and security systems. With no visible fastening screws, they integrate seamlessly into modern residential, commercial, and industrial environments.



The ergonomic SLIM-CASE (IP 54/65) accommodates touch screens up to 4” (10 cm) for a wide range of applications in environmental technology and high-mobility safety engineering. The contoured sides of the SLIM-CASE, the beveled rear panel, and the optional soft-touch intermediate ring make it comfortable to use.

PROTEC (optional IP 65) features an ergonomic inclined front panel and is available in three sizes, all of which can be customized to accommodate a touch screen. This modern enclosure can be used on a desk or mounted on a wall, depending on the specific application.

The modular INTERFACE-TERMINAL (optional IP 54) can be ordered in a variety of configurations: mobile handheld units, desktop or wall-mounted units with an inclined front, and flush-mounted units for installation in walls or front panels for seamless integration in visually sensitive locations such as historic buildings. A glass screen can be specified as an accessory for touch screens (6.4”, 8.4”, or 10.4”). The enclosures are available in white (RAL 9002), except for the SMART-PANEL, which comes in traffic white (RAL 9016), along with a wide range of accessories. OKW offers a customization service for all enclosure models. This service includes CNC machining, laser printing, custom colors, EMC shielding, and more.

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