Power Supplies

Solutions with switching power supplies of high quality and affordable price for all type of applications (industrial, medical, rail, …) with and without forced ventilation, single and multiple output, meeting European and International Safety Standards.

The power supplies are available in closed box, DIN rail, open box, PCB, Rack, Desktop and Wallmount models.

Other models available for LED and photovoltaic applications.

Battery Chargers

Wide range of battery chargers for industrial applications – Automation, Telecommunications, Safety Systems, Surveillance and Traffic Control, Electric Mobility, etc.

SAE has a partnership with the main manufacturers of this type of equipment allowing a smooth development of systems with specific requirements to achieve customer expectations.

UPS – Uninterruptible Power Supply

Our UPS range splits in:

  • Single phase 300VA to 10kVA
  • Three/Single 5kVA to 30kVA
  • Three phase 10kVA
  • Modular Innovative Solutions
  • UPS with DC output

Alternative AC supply, with high efficiency in critical loads subject to blackouts and fluctuations of the power grid.

UPS Line Interactive and Double Conversion On-line.

Available in tower case or rack 19”, models capable of expanding power output and runtime.


We sell all types of connectors from the main brands.

Signal and power connectors with solder and crimp contacts, connectors up to IP68.

Connectors Mil-C-5015

This connector series are according to US military standard Mil-C-5015 (GJB600), with high resistance aluminium alloy body with various types of finishing resistant to corrosion, synthetic insulation, threaded coupling, solder and crimp contacts, low cost, simple and practical design, widely used in industrial machines and equipment, military and defence, marine, automotive industry, instrumentation, servomotor, etc.

We supply Mil-C-5015 connectors of the main brands: Amphenol, ALTW, ITT Cannon, TE, Deutsch and Souriau or equivalent alternatives.

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MIL 5015 Connectors

Powerlock connectors

The PowerLock connectors were designed specifically for power distribution systems.

The range consists of unipolar connectors for current up to 660A, panel and cable mounting from 50mm2 up to 300mm2, with colour coding to prevent wrong connections, protection against finger touching and tampering.

They are resistant to high impacts and, when fully mated, are IP67 protected. Also available are the Powerlock panels rack or generators mountable as well as clamps for direct connection to a power transformer busbar.

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We are nVent Schroff distributors.

With Schroff, nVent continues as pioneer of electronic infrastructures for telecommunications, automation, medical, datacentres, networks, defence, rail and traffic industries.

The Schroff brand was born in Germany in 1962, with a vast portfolio of accessories for PCB such as backplanes, retainers and extractors of boards, frontal panels, racks and 19” cases, AC/DC and DC/DC power supplies.

Wall or floor mounted cabinets for indoor and outdoor, configurable by customers, manufactured in stainless steel, fabricated in standard RAL 7035 and 7021 colours, others as option, with various IP and IK levels, EMC shielding and seismic environments up to Zone 4.

  • AdvancedTCA, AdvancedMC, MicroTCA, CompactPCI, VMEbus, VME64x systems.

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Our partnership with LAIRD, allow us to be a reliable supplier offering all required technical support to develop new projects with our customers.

LAIRD is a worldwide technology company focused on supplying systems, components and solutions for protecting electromagnetic interferences in electronic equipment and thermal management.

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Our main partner for this type of products is Teltonika Networks.

It is a global supplier of products for IoT and IIoT with headquarters in Lithuania and offices located in four continents.

Throughout more than two decades of developing products and manufacturing IoT and M2M devices for industrial networks, Teltonika created a wide portfolio of products for the most sophisticated connectivity applications for the Industry 4.0.

With a strong vision on the new technologies, Teltonika develops new products in a fast and flexible way to react to the shifts and demands of the market, offering reliable, safe and easy to use devices.

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Thermal management for electronic components

We work directly with the main suppliers of thermal interface materials to present the highest performance products to our customers.

In this type of products, when made of silicone, they can be supplied according to customer design requirements.

For the fluid products, we can provide all the supplies for the best performance of the application machines.

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Thermal management for cabinets

nVent offers innovative and complete solutions of thermal management for a wide variety of applications to achieve the customer needs of protecting their equipment.

Such as:

  • Air conditioning for indoor and outdoor cabinets;
  • Individual or rack 19” forced ventilation systems;
  • Cooling systems.

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With our Know-How we can perform any type of work, providing plug and play solutions, from the customer drawing or PCB to assembly electronic boards and complete final testing.

We are equipped with facilities and qualified personnel to electrify products for Industrial Automation, cable assemblies according to customer specifications, etc.