Teltonika-Networks introduces the new router RUTXR1

SAE – Sistemas de Automação e Energia, Lda. in partnership with Teltonika presents to the market the RUTXR1 router, the first industrial router with integrated rack mounting.

Usually, network equipment are stored in server rooms using 19 ”rack cabinets so it is essential that they are easy to assemble. The RUTXR1 in just a few minutes and with just four screws easily installs on any 19” system. Teltonika created the RUTXR1 compact and easy to store, which can be installed in cafes, shops or small / medium offices, and can even be used on the desk.

Its unique combination of features makes this router unbeatable when it comes to connectivity whether Gigabit Ethernet or Wi-Fi – industry standard. But what makes it special is the SFP port and 4G LTE Cat 6 with Dual SIM that guarantees constant connection without fail. The SFP port allows high-speed direct connection of fiber-optic cable without any adapter – perfect option for industrial environments where combining fast speeds with high data transfer is essential.

Currently, having backup via mobile network is crucial on servers. Dual SIM is irreplaceable when the customer must be immune to any type of connection failures. With RUTXR1 many problems are avoided, and stable operation is guaranteed every day.

A router with a connection to the mobile network brings another benefit in case of loss of connection. It allows remote connection to all network equipment and complete troubleshooting (debugging).

Let’s say you have a small store, and you are using a switch, an access point for wi-fi, a router, an SFP adapter and an additional mobile network modem for internet backup. What if it is possible to exchange all this equipment with just a single router?

The answer is RUTXR1 and this is what makes it so special.

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